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17 August 2005

The Freakiest Thing

So it's been exactly one year TODAY that I last blogged. Or should I say, blogged. The only time. Once. Uno. That's all she wrote, folks. It's kind of cool, actually. Maybe it's a sign. Who knows? My sister started a blog and it's quite perfect. I love the way she writes and she manages to hit right at the issue. I somehow get lost in making it flowery and the next thing I know is that all of a sudden I completely forgot my train a thought. Wait, it's one year tomorrow. Oops. YOU SEE??!!!

Do you know what's most perfect out of it all??

The only comment I sucked out of anyone after sitting for a sum total of 364 days was how to work on my stock portfolio. LOL. Apparently they're not particularly familiar with who it is I am. Or better yet, who it is that I'm not.


1 comment:

Smarts said...

so one good blog deserves another, hell make it a great blog!

to a year ahead, to be propelled by the wind but stay our own course. life and love and everything inbetween seems to be shades of fuckedupness in one degree or another. but that is life, and it is beautiful if you choose it to be.

i love you too, with all my heart.