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31 August 2005

Here's to a Good Year and a Better Day

It's my sister's anniversary today, and to tell you the truth, I'm so proud of them! 14 years with the same person. Wow. And I think they really like one another! Yes, m'dear, I do still think you're too young to be married this long! Well done, you two. Well done.

My day is turning out better than expected. Actually, it's turned into a kick-ass day - in complete and total kick-my-ass day that I thought it would turn out to be. My financing came through today for school... I got a nice email.... my perception of things and life in general had a very pleasant turn-around. All under grace. :)

There's a guy at work that does the same thing I do. He's got curly hair and the best smile. And he makes my day better. I watch as he intermingles with people, completely oblivious to anything outside of that person's immediate requirements. He goes through his day with an attitude the reminds you to keep your own in check. I shared my smarties with him. Yes, he really is that cool. I'm not a good smarties sharer.

I'm heading out on my last break of the day. It's nice to be looking forward to the week to come.

"A lot of things in this life just don't matter to the extent that some people think they matter. Just let it go". JP (the guy at work)

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