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28 August 2005

Jack & Karen

I would like to say that we're more like Will and Grace, but the reality is, we're totally and completely, and irrevokably, *sigh* Jack and Karen. My roommate is the most wonderfully confused flaming homo. Known affectionately as 'Lil Homo', he decortes and flutters about, organzing parades and working in tourism and knowing what's happening in and around town. I watch him go, and you really can't help but laugh. There are moments during our existance together (we moved in last summer) where I have to stop and look around, wondering where the tv cameras are located. I feel like Jim Carey in that movie that I can't remember the name of. How helpful is that, eh?? Sheesh. Anyways, LH opens my bedroom door every morning, and in his best lispy voice he grins and says "Good morning, my beautiful princess" (which tends to sound more like "Dood Morning, my bootifool pwinthess". HOW CAN YOU NOT WAKE UP SMILING???? He's fairly handy to have around - one of those 'hetero-homos", you know, handy with a hammer and screwdriver. We just finished laying new kitchen flooring, I painted the living room and he's now decorating. It really is a win-win situation. It's interesting to have watched him this year - he's changed a lot... grown up, I suppose. He does well, considering he's only 21. J used to get a bit nervous when LH would wink at him and tell him he thought he was hot. I thought J was hot too. Still do, actually. Regardless, we live a fairly colourful existance. I watch him struggle with who he is and what he thinks. He's a Christian and knows precisely what the bible says about such matters. I've learned a lot from him. There's a depth and a distance the gets intermingled.

13 more minutes and then I have two days off. I think I'll make waffles.

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