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28 August 2005

Jealous Kind

I built another temple to a stranger / I gave away my heart to the rushing wind
I set my course to run right into danger / sought the company of fools instead of friends

You know I've been unfaithful / Lovers in lines / while you're turning over tables
With the rage of a jealous kind / I chose the gallows to the aisle / Thought that
love would never find / Hanging ropes will never keep you / And your love of a jealous kind/
Love of a jealous kind

Tryin' to jump away from rock that keeps on spreading / for solace in the shift of the sinking sand / I'd rather feel the pain all too familiar / Than be broken by a lover I don't understand /
'Cause I don't understand

One hundred other lovers, more, one hundred other altars / If I should slow my pace and finally subject me to grace / And love that shames the wise, betrays the heart's deceit and lies / and breaks the back of foolish pride

Jars of Clay - Jealous Kind

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