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27 August 2005

The Journey of today

I'm a micro-manager, and I hate admitting to that. I never thought that I would be a micro-manager, and there are the few, rare incidences that I'm not, but they don't come nearly as often as I would like. The problem is, is simply my trust in other people - or more so, my trust in their abilities. The problem that I run into on a regular basis is that (how vain is this one going to be?!) I'm capable. And I hate it when I'm sketchy on other peoples capabilities. Especially when they're there - fully present and ready to be put into action, but I can't get over myself enough to let them shine. Even more horrific?? Is when that individual does it far better than I could ever dream. Why is this? Why is it that I can't let go? Or atleast, let go more easily??? The Lord is gracious to me, but think of how much more so He would be if I simply surrendered so many things and allowed Him at the helm?

"For it is God who works in you to will and act according to His good purpose" Phil 2:13

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