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28 August 2005

The Sexy Red Room

It's not as rich in the picture as it is in real life, but man, I'm in love!!! Seriously, it's the most wonderful red. Would it be wrong to say that it makes one feel a bit randy (please roll the 'r' and emphasize the 'and')? Because it totally works for me. You can see my pilates ball in the corner - it's a new one. Please note the little nubins (because that's EXACTLY what they are). It looks like a big sex toy. G (best friend) was having a rather difficult time keeping a straight face whilst we blew the damn thing up. I know, it looks ribbed for my pleasure. And if she couldn't keep a straight face while it was being blown up, think of how I feel since giving up sex and then proceeding to girate on the thing for the sake of my abs.

It's a sad sad picture, folks. A sad sad picture.


Kiki said...

I LOVE it!!! I found you from Jane's blog. Can't wait to see it tomorrow.

PS: I can only read short bursts of a blog...attention span thing.

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

*laughing* completely understandable, m'dear, completely understandable. Especially now that you're a mom, eh? ;)