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24 August 2005

A wednesday morning

I'm at work right now and it's pretty quiet. Lots of people coming and going, but very few requiring my assistance. Is it a bad thing that I get the majority of everything else that I need done in life, done at work? I thought not too.

We have a tee-off time at 3:47 this afternoon. 3:47. Who makes anything for a '47'?

I haven't done any devotions yet today and I can feel it. There's so much stuff I need to sit down and pray about and I've not. It's tough. Seems like after the weekend I revert right back to where I didn't want to be again. Why isn't there just a switch for my old self - one that I can turn off and lock??? It would probably be too easy. Ah yes, the beauty of the quick fix.

One of my co-workers just told me about a girl here at work that is getting beaten on a regular basis by her boyfriend, also here at work. What's the deal, eh? I get so frustrated and upset with people and life. I haven't heard it from her directly, so I'm not sure of all the ins and outs and hearsay surrounding it, but I have noticed a difference in her. I've noticed it for awhile now. It's like she's empty and you see it in her eyes. Why does the weakness of man have to be forced upon the vulnerabilities of others. She loved him. She could still very well love him. She just wants to be not hurt. Why wouldn't he understand that?

Why do people insist on talking for the sake of talking? Geeze. Just go set up a blog.

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