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12 September 2005

an epiphany

I was just discussing with a married friend at work... she wants to go out on the 24th for one last HURAHH! before she leaves for Ontario. Ok, cool, I can do that. Plus, she's married, so she'll get any attention regarding casual sex for one night.

Here's the epiphany:

I, as a single woman, can enter a bar with both nipples and a vagina hanging out, and I will get hit on.... to a point. Whereas the attached female, can go out in a turtle neck and a chastity belt and she's got them drooling and humping her leg. Just because she's *technically* not interested.

Am I off base?

I just got a new lipstick - it's called 'Nectar Lust'. You just know that this isn't going anywhere good.


Smarts said...

I just hate it when they try humping my leg.

Kiki said...

No man has ever humped my leg :(

You're on to something Ms. D.

Curious Jane said...

I've been married 10 frigging years and I never get hit on. Maybe it is because of the f*ck-off tatoo I have on my forehead. ;)

Potor said...

Are you going to come up with options for this night out too?