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16 September 2005

The Hair

Don't worry - I definately took pictures!! I'm SUPER happy with it - it's a rich rich brown with kind of a hint of mahogany - if you can picture that one!! Thus far I've gotten great reviews on it! I'm really tickled, considering I've walked down the road of "Oh my gawd what did you do to your head?!" road, one too many times! *Speaking of which, Smarts you should jump in here and share your Alannah Myles moment!* I also took pictures of the bath mats and the general devestation that I left in my wake. It was quite impressive.

And the best picture???


Yes. I am in love.

Wow. If I could afford to be an elitist, I totally would.

I'm all about the stuff.

(check out all the ! up there. Wow! I was excited)


Ms Dare2dv8 said...

my comment window is gimped.

Smarts said...
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Smarts said...

can't wait to see the hair.