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01 September 2005

A little tree

I've a lot on my brain tonight - the majority of it debating on whether or not to make a decision that probably won't have the greatest outcomes. One would think that that little tidbit alone would make it a simple decision. And it does. I know what should be done. But like my track record states - there are many decisions that should have been simple, that should have been 'what should be done'. Let's just say that I'm not so good at it.

There are a lot of trees changing colour already, but there was one in particular - a softwood - that stood out. It was a beautiful bright orange tree that held tall like a beacon. A vision of loveliness that you couldn't miss. Funny thing though, that the very thing that made it beautiful simply signified that inside, it was dead. I think that's the answer to my dilemma: that I can do what I know that I shouldn't, and I can be beautiful on the outside while doing it. But in the end, I just end up dying a little more inside. I'm learning that a lot of things in this immediate life just aren't worth the effort.

The news has been inundated with Hurricane Katrina. I was disturbed by a fellow's comments at work - a harsh reality that says a lot about our world. "It's a disaster, they happen everyday. Move on". I hope I don't ever 'move on'. I hope that I am always disturbed by the hurts of this world. I hope I never forget my humanness is as real as the next and that there are no superheros to swoop in and save the day. May I be reminded of the grace in my own life, reminded to always willingly pass it on.

"The soul would have no rainbow, had the eyes no tears" John Vance Cheney (1848-1929)


Anonymous said...

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Curious Jane said...

Ok - that was spam up there. Turn on your spam protection in the comments section under settings.

Is your decision about someone, and not something? And if it is about someone, you can always call me, because I was to remind you how awful someone really was to you, should you ever feel the need to relive the experience.

Should it not be this, and my orders were ill timed, I apologize and reserve the right to reuse your orders for future use!

Smarts said...

Curious Jane is a very good friend to you. You are a lucky girl.

Now please update your site! It is Sept. 3 for crying out loud.

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

Curious is a very good friend to me. And so are you. It's like having two sisters in the form of best friends. Or two best friends in the form of sisters. It's pretty cool.