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26 September 2005


As far as Monday's go, this one wasn't so bad - even with being sick. Man, seriously, I felt like crap. I managed to go to my first class (Canadian History), skipped the second, and left my third class prof a note, only to get home and receive an email that said class had been cancelled. Not bad, eh? I knew he had a crush on me, but man, I had no idea the extent! I'm kidding. Kind of..... ;) HAR! I know you're sitting there and going "yeah, right, I've seen your picture". Yeah. You might have seen my picture. But you haven't seen my boobs.

Ok, that may have been added for shock value. Maybe. ;)

So I'm spaced out on NyQuil Liquicaps. In case you weren't aware before - THESE ARE BEAUTIFUL THINGS. You know the commercials - sneezy, stuffy head, aches and pains, go to sleep and rest medicine? I think it may be more in tune with lose the feeling in your lips, let your head go wonky, try to make it down the stairs and take out the garbage without staggering and then go to bed and pass out and drool medicine. Mom was always a stickler in our house for proper dosage - and it was never over. "Ooooh 'take 2 tsp to get rid of cough. Ok kid, where's my eye dropper - you get three dribbles." So maybe she didn't have an eye dropper, but you get the picture. I get a funky reaction to red dye in cough syrups and anything with codine in it - my heart starts to race and I shake all over. Mom never really came back from that one. The red went out the window and in swooped the vaporizer. If I couldn't sweat it out, then eventually I would develop an immunity. Surprisingly enough, I don't often get sick. As for today, I think it was just more of a culmination of being done full time work and getting a very busy school week done and under my belt. I had a moment to fall apart. As of tomorrow morning at 6:30am - moment over.

Brother is here for the night while Lil Homo is headed to Calgary. I was getting him set up in LH's room for the night and he eyed the bed suspiciously. "Um, has the bed, been... I don't mean this the wrong way and I don't want it to sound offensive, but...." He was trying to get something desperatly important out. I had to help.

"Has the bedding been changed and all possibilities removed of anything that has everything to do with anal sex, fanny bandits and two guys doing more than just making out?"

My brother is 6'3" tall, about 270 lbs of a lot of muscle and he was scared. He was scared that he may be laying his weary bones and head into homosexual love juice, manifesting destinies that would forever alter who and what he was and none of it by his own doing.

I giggled.

I told him not to worry, but I think he just fell asleep on the couch. You know, where it's safe.

Night all

ms d

"The most wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed."
Nicolas Chamfort (1741-94)


Curious Jane said...

The description of your yukky cold has me pretty happy that I could not go lunching with you and Kiki. I had been jealous. Now, not so much.

Smarts said...

hmmm. you should inform mr. muscle that there is a good chance that the fanny bandits have possessed the couch too.

Curious Jane said...

Crap! I think your cold may have migrated to me inspite of me missing lunch.

Got any extra Nyquils?