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29 September 2005

Thursday morning

It's 7:56 on your am dial and it's shaping up to be a pretty busy day. Smarts is coming up tonight with her brood, so I'm heading to maw and paw's a little after lunch. She won't be there until tonight, but my early arrival is spurred on by the simple fact that I need new brakes and rotors. They informed me that it was a good thing that Jezebel (my car) was a stick shift so that if I needed to slow down, I had an alternate means. Is it just me, or does nobody else feel particularly safe either??!!

On other, more exciting fronts though - I got a job through the school district here in town! I'll be working a minimum of 8 hrs a week tutoring ESL - english second language. The little bit that I've been doing has been an absolute hoot! It looks like this could be last week of work at Pit of Despair that I've been working at for the past year and a half. I also picked up another kid for my own personal tutoring business, so far so good. It will all come together. Besides - did I mention my ESL mentor's name whom I'll be working under???

Mrs. D

And that's exactly what she calls herself. Really, how much more perfect can you get than that??

"He neither drank, smoked, nor rode a bicycle. Living frugally, saving his money, he died early, surrounded by greedy relatives. It was a great lesson to me"
John Barrymore (1882-1942)


Kiki said...

I can't believe you stole my car name!

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

I totally did - especially since you got A NEW ONE!!!


You still love me. I know it.