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08 September 2005


This title is descriptive of two things:

1) My comments regarding CJ and her pile of crap. All I can do is laugh because I am powerless to do otherwise. We really are better than a sitcom. I'm glad you love me!!! (No one else will have me).

2) The stupid (STOOPUD) water dispense that I spent $24 of hypothetical money (nearly fictious, but not quite) that doesn't even refridgerate. It just sits there. And looks stoopud. It holds 8 glasses "of your favourite beverage!", and that's it. Sheesh. I could have gotten a sandwich maker.

Yes, the crack is good.


Curious Jane said...

I LOVED THAT POST. That was my favorite post of all time. You have no idea how that made me laugh and laugh. My throat hurt after. You were a total ray of sunshine.

I am happy to sit it shit.

Curious Jane said...

So no talking bad shit.

it was all good shit.

Ms Dare2dv8 said...



vole u!