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07 October 2005

100 things that you never wanted to know

... but were curious to know if they were true..........

1) My real name is... well, it doesn't matter

2) My favourite colour is blue, no matter how much pink I may wear

3) I'm 29 years old. Thirty on April third.

4) I have the most amazing friends in the entire world. We drink, we laugh, we cry. We Conquer.

5) My sister is involved in #4. I used to be jelous of her, but then I grew up and discovered that she was and is amazing.

6) I'm a good girl. With a bad streak.

7) To say the word Fuck is very satisfying. I try to watch it, but then sometimes it just flows with absolute velvet covering it. Other than that, there's a lot of Holy Hannah's.

8) If you count Rodney from when we were in grade 6, I've had 5 semi-serious boyfriends. I've slept with 8 men. Go ahead and do the math. Yeah, there's 2 in there that I can't remember / don't know their last names. Kiki needs to occassionally remind me of one's first name. But that was a bad night on Top of the Hill.

9) I love to laugh - the kind from my toes and where I forget that I could possibly be in public and I can't function, can't catch my breath. The kind that leaves you exhausted.

10) I think I may be finally dating the perfect fellow. The perfect fellow for me. He's supposed to teach me to change a tire on Saturday.

11) I don't know how to change a tire.

12) I was 25 when I lost my virginity.

13) I love my mom more than I can imagine, but there's still this silly little inclination to shock the living shit out of her in some form or another.

14) I talk in my sleep and sometimes I wake up crying but I'm not really sure why.

15) I am in love with my life. No matter how fucked up and inundated with poor choices it may be. I will be a 60 year old, tattooed grandmother.

that's good for now............

Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way.

Booker Taliaferio Washington (1856-1913)


ccaptious said...

According to your list of 15 facts, I have (at least) 4 and a half things in common with you!

That's a pretty good average I reckon, will have to bookmark this blog :)

Potor said...

#3 – A limo must be involved in your upcoming 30th
#6 – That is much better than the other way around
#8 – Ah, there is #6 showing up
#13 – I agree, that is a wonderful sport.