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16 October 2005

#63.... till the da dee

63) My roommates ex-boyfriend keeps telling me that he's going to turn straight and come after me. I keep telling him that I probably won't play with his butt. Atleast not in the context that I and the rest of the hetero community think of things.

64) I can drive a stick shift. I've owned one automatic in my lifetime and we didn't get along very well. The automatic and I. It was a green, 1972 ford something or other with a straight six in it. All I knew was that I could take 8 of my closest friends anywhere. At one time. Comfortably.

65) I hate rear wheel drives. My one automatic was a rear wheel drive.

66) give me 4 studded tires, a stick shift and a front wheel drive and I betcha I can make it to second base camp on Everest.

67) Back in the shiney white days, I used to think Alanis Moiresette was horrible. Now I get her. I turn her up and sing along when she's on the radio.

68) I am a very slowly, recovering approval addict, with a horrible guilt complex. It's a crappy combination.

69) A perfect day would be one that's raining too hard to accomplish anything, with a perfect pot of coffee and either a good book or good conversation. Or stay in bed and have an all day naked day.

70) I love all day naked days.

71) My poor choices sometime really come back and surprise me by either biting me soundly in the ass, or turning out not so bad. Life's kinda funny like that.

72) My parents make me laugh because they're pretty straight laced. Or atleast they would like us to think so. But somewhere along this silly little road, I have given them unspoken permission to say some not so socially acceptable things. It's moments like these that remind me of exactly where I came from. I really like it.

73) I watched a lot of Nascar this weekend because PC really enjoyed it. Personally, I think it's silly and would way rather watch TLC, but he enjoyed it so much that I couldn't help but enjoy it with him.

74) no, I can't tell you that one.

75) If I ever get stranded on a deserted island, I'm pretty certain that I could survive with no problem.

76) I can use a compass, a gps, read a map, start a fire in the snow, snowshoe and clean a fish in less than 7 seconds.

77) I own a compass, a gps (Garmin Map 76), usually have a leatherman and waterproof matches with me, own good snowshoes (GV's) and have had a LOT of practice with fish.

78) I'm an aquaculturist by trade - I specialize in recirculation technology for fresh and saltwater systems. Basically I set up things that water can be recycled and fish can live in it successfully.

79) I've bungy jumped because it scared the living shit out of me. I still hate heights.

80) Colouring is one of my favourite pasttimes.

81) I love to cook and I have a McDonalds apron - complete with the golden arches on it. I never worked there, but Smarts did about 16 years ago. Neither one lasted long there.

82) Do you know what I did this weekend? N O T H I N G . It rocked.

83) Sometimes I think I'm a pretty shitty friend. Sometimes I wish there was a guidebook on what I should and shouldn't do.

84) Even though I can be a shitty friend, I think that my less-than-a-handful of best friends are so damn beautiful that their spirits often overwhelm me to the point of blindness. They amaze me.

85) I have a pink fur lined coat. I got matching boots. And a little pink purse with my initial on it. That came with a matching cell phone case. The story behind the coat is that it was christmas last year - mom, dad and I are shopping. I don't need anything, just hanging out, along for the ride. Mom says "Oh Kid! Come look at this!" The Pink Coat. Mom immediately thinks that I need this. And just for the record, I am not a practical person all the time, but even I didn't think that I needed that particular coat. Dad came over and said "Oh no. Kid, lets go look at the down-filled vests". Mom and dad begin discussions regarding me and my outerwear like I'm not there. "Mom, it's ok, I don't need the coat. Dad, I don't really need the vest". No word of a lie, mom looks at me and says "I think you need the coat and Dad, she doesn't need to dress like she's on an expedition everyday!". The pink coat was under the tree christmas morning. When I showed dad my new pink boots, I said "Whaddy think??" He rolled his eyes and said "Well, atleast they're better than that stupid pink coat".

86) We drove to Rhode Island one year to see Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds in an acoustic session. I've never smoked pot before, but I think I may have been stoned.

87) I love when someone wants to hold my hand.

88) I hate being cold, but my bedroom has to be frigid and I have to have a lot of blankets on my bed. It's the appropriate temperature when my nose goes numb.

89) I say exactly the wrong thing to the wrong person at the ideally wrong moment. When it flies out of my mouth, my eyes widen and the internal light flicks on that rewinds the entire scene in hopes that perhaps, just maybe, I didn't say anything at all and it was all in my head. It is rarely internal. I've learned to laugh at it.

90) It annoys me when someone tells me a joke because they think it will make me laugh my rotten terrible laugh. It's hard to explain to someone that it can be a look, a sound, a something that they never expected. Except for the joke about the two guys that go to the healer. That's a pretty funny joke. CJ and I have giggled more than once over that bad boy.

91) A really good holiday for me is going somewhere that is in the middle of the woods with no phone or electricity. This is even better when you have people with you that enjoy it just as much as you do. Even better if they like to play yahtzee.

92) Kiki and I spent a winter playing a lot of yahtzee.

93) I love Peter Cetera and Marc Cohen. And Fiona Apple. Can't forget about her.

94) I am fascinated by Britney Spears and what's really going on between Angelina and Brad. I think they're doin' it.

95) "Wide Open Spaces" by the Dixie Chicks is my theme song. It's true, I need wide open spaces for room to make a big mistake.

96) Sometimes when I'm driving back across the bridge to my apartment, I think about taking another ramp and just keep driving. Especially when the top twenty countdown is on the radio and there a lot of stars out. I think about a lot of reasons about why I want to do this and the only tangible one I can seem to come up with is 'just because'. But then I remember that I am where I am supposed to be and the reality of the fact that my life is very good - way better than any 'just because'. I think I may be settling down just a bit. I think. I used to think that if I stayed too long in one place that I would miss out on something good. I think that if I had stood still for a few moments more I would have seen something wonderful without ever having to leave.

97) Lynard Skynard is just plain good driving music.

98) I love that my 13 year old nephew can pick me - he's getting so strong and he can pick my ass up. Makes me feel little.

99) My gravy will never be as good as my mothers.

100) I don't really get concerned over that last one.


Curious Jane said...

"my rotten terrible laugh"


You have THE BEST LAUGH ever. It is unique, and infectious and it is one of the things I love about you.

If you didn't laugh that laugh I don't know what I'd do. I think that laugh gave me my laughter back.

laugh laugh laugh. What a weirdly spelled word.
Laugh lauf, Laff. There. That last one. That's better.

I love your laff!

Ms Dare2dv8 said...