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10 October 2005

A few more for a Monday night

42) I laugh whenever my mom farts because she always stops up and says "Oh! What was that?!" Mom - you're 56 years old - You know what that was. Embrace it, dad does.

43) I know all the words to "Enid" and "Million Dollars" by the Barenaked Ladies.

44) I enjoy belting them out, preferably slightly off key or with some creative harmonies, whilst in the car, cruising at an illegal speed.

45) Frank Sinatra existed so I could listen to him (and sing along) with the moon roof open and both windows down. Again, whilst cruising at an illegal speed.

46) A few years ago I helped set up the world's largest, cold water recirculation facility for Atlantic salmon smolts. While doing so, there was a one-legged welder named Todd. Very few people knew that Todd only had one leg. Me and some young kid, somewhere around age 19, were working with the one legged dynamo. Todd got caught in some very soup-y mud and did a face plant. When he did, his leg popped off. Apparently the 19 year old didn't know that Todd had a fake leg. I also think Todd had terrets because while I was laughing and non-functioning, all you could hear echoeing throughout the northern wilderness was a very irrate, one legged man, covered in mudd and saying "Ms D - shut the fuck up and somebody get my fucking leg out of the fucking mud and put me on a goddamn plane and get me out of this god-forsaken, fucking hellhole". I remember him screaming - like 14 year old girl kind of screaming. I got Todd's leg. Two other guys got Todd. The kid just stood there, kind of colourless and stupid looking. To this day, I still laugh outloud because it is a true story.

47) Cheeseburgers are best with real hamburger, a good cheeseslice, and fresh onions sauteed in buttery conditions until they are a lovely, sweet brown.

48) I am addicted to Tim Horton's cookies. I have to make a conscious effort to not order them with a large coffee with double milk.

49) I don't always succeed in my ordering endevour.

50) I had supper tonight with 3 men from NY state . One was a brain surgeon, another a molecular biologist, and another an editor from a very large newspaper. They come to fish and dad's their guide. I love that they love my father.

Sorry folks, no pictures tonight.

sweet dreams :)


Curious Jane said...

Snicker snicker... You know what I love the best out of these ones..

heh heh heh... poor bugger. heh.

Fenn said...

farts will be forever hilarious!