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10 October 2005

From # 32...

33) I make some kick ass guacamole. It's mmm-mmm good and makes your breath smell horrendous. It doesn't matter because you just...can't...stop...eating.

34) I am a natural blonde. Not a natural platinum, brunette or redhead.

35) In high school I was captain of the senior girls basketball team. I got kicked out a high school for fighting. The other girl said "Keep your fucking hands off of me, or you'll see blood". I was a little startled because I wasn't doing anything except playing good defense. I looked at her and there was a voice that came from inside of me that I'm quite sure wasn't mine (or atleast not one I had been introduced to) "I'll keep my fucking hands on you and if I see blood, it won't be my own." She swung and missed. I didn't. Mom was the coach. She called for a time out.

36) I still play first base when I get to play ball. I used to be quite good.

37) I used to sing in a jazz band. I got cat-calls at my church one night for a rendition of "have yourself a merry little christmas" at the annual christmas banquet. One was from one of the elders. I would say that's pretty good.

38) It makes me feel sick when I've hurt someone and I never knew that I did.

39) PC informed me that he really liked my hips. I told him that was a relief, considering I have grown attached to them.

40) The house that Smarts and I grew up in is about 170 years old, more or less. It has angels and demons in it. They never bother me because it's comforting to know that I'm never alone even if no one else is nearby.

41) I use plastic milk crates for illegal purposes other than their intended use. I don't feel bad for it. I have more than one. I have more than two. They're in different colours.


Smarts said...

okay that picture kills me. it has a slightly crazed diva caped crusador super hero quality.

sorry but i LOL.

Potor said...

#33 – Awesome, but I am suspicious. Most people think that green mayo they serve at Taco Bell qualifies as guacamole.
#35 – Rock on!
#38 – Then how do you know when to feel sick?

Curious Jane said...

I am having another "you were in a jazz trio?" moment with the punching...

can't quite wrap my head around it! Every time i think i know all about you I am again shocked!

... and i stole your milk crates.