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03 October 2005

Monday Morning

It's 3 minutes to 8 and I'm feeling surprisingly spry. But that probably helps in the fact that I went to bed just shortly after 8 not quite 12 hours previous to right now. Man what a good weekend. I didn't get the same great pictures that Kiki got - I got pictures, but I don't think blogger will let me post them.................... 8-0 GADZOOKS!! Just kidding. There were no pictures. That I'm posting. *snicker* But I was tired - probably had more to do with the fact that I hadn't gotten to bed for a couple of days. Literally. Yesterday was a looooooooong day.

So I got hired by the local school district to tutor ESL - english second language - to new immigrant families moving into our fair capital. I'm working 5 days a week with it, coupled along with my full time studies and regular tutoring schedule. It will be busy until about 4pm every day, but I should be able to let my regular job go. Atleast that way I'll have weekends off.

PC called me last night (new object of affection) and informed me that he had a splendid time this weekend and wondered when he could see me again. Can I just say that I really appreciate a man who A) has the guts to tell me that he had a great time and would like to do it again B) has a life outside of me that he enjoys (he played ball all day yesterday and called to let me know how they made out) C) Enjoys introducing me to that life outside of me, with seeming great pleasure.

But wow - what a stark difference from J. And I'm not being down on J - it's just a very stark difference. Even mom noted the other evening (we had a girl talk while playing yahtzee - it was perfect!) that J was sucking the life out of who I was and what made me me. We're a bit like the mafia - once you're in, good luck getting out! And PC appreciates that. First time out, what did we do? Went to a family gathering. And yes, I understand that most of you fellows reading this right now are crapping your pants and going "what the hell??!!! What is he thinking????" Welcome to our neck of the woods. Family's important whether you like them or not - you're stuck with them.

It's like smarts and my aunt kate. She had twins when she was 15. One night we were having a bonfire out at the river at mom and dad's, she's having a smoke and talking with mom and I. She said "You know, that night I got pregnant, mom and I had had a big fight. I stormed out the door just thinking that I was going to get laid. And I ended up getting fucked."

Funny as it is, you've got to appreciate her candidness. Not many people are that honest with their life's realities. But like all of us who have made not always the smartes choices at the most pivitol moments, she's moved on. Got a good education, got a good job. And is another one of those women from my mother's family that is made of strength through and through. There are not many excuses made in that household. I'm glad that my foot is in the door - it gives me something very worthwhile to live up to.

8:13 now. I think I'll warm up some leftover chinese food. I often think about cutting up my mastercard, but based on the simple fact that sometimes it's really nice to leave your ass on the couch and let someone else cook and then bring it to you - even if it is $4 extra bucks - well, let's just say that's more than adequate reason to hang onto the damn thing.

Off to get dressed. Have a great day, kids :)

Life is constantly providing us with new funds, new resources, even when we are reduced to immobility. In life's ledger there is no such thing as frozen assets.

Henry Miller (1892-1971)

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Smarts said...

you just made me remember why mom is currently freaking out. it could be a long winter.