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06 October 2005

The Night Before

Tomorrow is my first exam. I'm recalling all the familar terrors of years previous first exams. It's 8pm and I really can't seem to find any kind of inclination to do anything other than everything that could probably wait until a non- first exam day. It's been a big week.

Yesterday on campus I came out and found a parking ticket tucked neatly and securely beneath my wiper blades. I can't be surprised by this. Alright, $15 bucks for the first time since re-starting my university career. Not bad and way cheaper than the $80 it costs for the year. Not a problem. Today I came out and found a parking ticker tucked neatly and securely beneath my wiper blades. Two in as many days. Bastards. My $80 pass now just evolved into $125. To say that I'm mildly disgusted is fairly accurate - I just can't figure out if it's at my stupidity for now buying the pass in the first place, or for getting ticketed two days in a row.

I'm tired tonight. There's been a sudden increase in physical activity this week and I forgot how that increase can tire one out. Especially when one has exams. Why, oh why, why why is it that I am famous for this time of year? May we one day unravel the mystery. Just remember to hold yer knickers when we do!!

I'd really like a big ole glass of Boones tonight. Ah yes, the sweet nectar of the screw top wine gods. Mmmmmmmmmmm. At $4.95 a bottle (full price), it lends to an evening of cheap enjoyment - usually at my own expense and quickly followed by poor decision making. Ah yes, those were the days. The WooHoo days. Pardon me while I sit and snicker.

I feel like I should have something deep and profound to share tonight. But I don't. I'm hungry and anxious and think I'll go to bed.

But I will be back.


Smarts said...

read a harlequin.

and good luck tomorrow!

Potor said...

Pickeled WooHoo days?

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

I have searched high and low for one of those damn books. As for the pickeled WooHoo - absolutley - with a jalepeno thrown into the mix!

Curious Jane said...

Girl, with the email you wrote us the other day about the WooHoo week you're having, YOU could write the harlequin!

Smarts said...

i believe pickeled is actually pickled.

:D, just an FYI.

Fenn said...

i've been parking in the lot next to my work for over a year now, free of charge, except for the four tickets i've gotten. i figure i saved myself $1380!!! is that a crime?