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11 October 2005


Last year, around this exact time, CJ, Kiki and I were addicted to going out dancing. And when I say 'addicted' I mean to imply that we went out, perhaps, maybe, once a month and ji-rated with some army bucks, drank too much, ate some poutine at closing and then sauntered on home. My addiction was the song "Scandalous" - I couldn't get enough! So what did a friend of friends do? Burned me an entire cd of that one song and titled it "Long Play for Foreplay". I won't give you any more gory details than that.

I've got an exam in 14 hours. A pretty big one. On one hand I'm freaked completely out, and on the other it's more like, ah, it'll be ok. I'm not so sure about that right now. So, with panic and dread both settling in - what do I do? I take off and go for a walk with Kiki and Vince. And then go to the Magnificent Store (The Super One) and then of course, a quick trip across the river to show me an alternate route out of town. You know, for when we're attacked by the battle star galactica. Or whenever Bush takes over Canada. You know, up here in wild beaver country. So Kiki and I drove around in the Malibu, drinking Diet Coke and eating cheezies. It was perfect. I was talking to PC tonight and he said he probably shouldn't take up my time so that I could study. I told him, yeah, I probably should study. But I probably won't, so if he wanted to keep talking, that was fine by me.

51) I avoided a parking ticket today. I stuck an old one under my wiper.

52) I procrastinate when I have something due. The pressure forces my creative juices to flow flow flow. Atleast that's what I tell myself.

53) I'm studying Canada's Foreign Policy - how it has developed and evolved. Technically, we don't really have a standard, only a reaction to the rest of the world. It kind of freaks me out that a) I find it interesting b) I actually understand it c) that I'm admitting it outloud.

54) Even those that know me well would never believe that I have any indication of anything political, let along anything to do with Foreign Policy.

55) I just learned to spell F O R E I G N correctly.

56) The cost of gas has doubled in my lifetime. When I worked at Elmer's it was 54.6 cents/litre and now it's $1.10/litre

57) I've owned 8 cars and bought them all myself.

58) I once learned to change the oil in one of them.

59) I've since forgotten how, but it really doesn't matter since I can get it done at Oil Can Harry's for 19.99 and am done in 15 minutes.

60) I think it's perfect that someone has named a business venture "Oil Can Harry's"

61) I would make a great philanthropist.

It's 23:24. I probably should go study now. Sheesh.

"It is never too late to be what you might have been."
George Eliot (Mary Ann Evans) 1819-1880


Curious Jane said...

You guys ate cheezies and went to the big store without me?

Curious Jane said...

On second thought... I got shagged so that tops cheezies!

Potor said...

You mixed a battlestar galactica reference with “wild beaver country”. I am in awe.

Potor said...

Oh, forgot to comment…
#51 – Evil genius at its best, Moriarty would be proud.
#53 – Prime Minister Dare2dv8
#61 – “Philanthropist” doesn’t show up in the want ads enough, does it?

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

You got shagged last night??!!! YEAH YOU!!!

sadly, you're right, it always does beat the cheezies... unless they're stale (the cheezies)and then they're a close second.

Potor - love the Prime Minister Bit!! WOOHOO!! Something to shoot for. Hillary and I could run North America. I suspect that Canada would be more fun to live in, though.

Fenn said...

#51- HAHAHA! i've pulled that one many a times lol!!!

Rachel said...

The parking ticket thing: what a great idea! Thank you!

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

Whatever I can do to help!