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02 November 2005

The Results!

Well, they're kinda still in limbo, but after another restless night, I did get word back from my Doctor that everything looked good from his vantage point. The lump was gone in my left breast (WOOHOO!!) and from he could tell, things looked normal. Finally. I can talk about me and normal in the proper context, in the same sentence. He said he wouldn't know for sure until everything returned from the lab, but from the looks of it, I could *possibly* skip my next six month check-up and reschedule for a year. This, people, is turning into a marvelous day!

On other notes, me thinks there is an important conversation to have with an important person - one who's trying to avoid me. Did I mention that I am U N A V O I D A B L E????? Especially over something stupid that has NOTHING TO DO WITH ME! Sheesh.

Ok, I'll quit yelling.


Curious Jane said...

Oh the intregue! Who is it? who is it? And how did you slip 3 posts in and me not pick up on it till 11 at night? THRILLED about your appt.

Call moi.

Kiki said...

Yeah, congrats on the appt. and by all means, do spill who it is that's avoiding you.

His Star said...

congrats on the good news~!!!