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07 November 2005

Tampons and Bobby Pins

I lost count of the number of unwrapped ones (tampons) or stray ones (bobby pins or tampons) or other bits of shit that I somehow thought I needed. Folks, I cleaned out my closet tonight. I think the biggest point to mention here is that I survived.

There were no dust bunnies, only dust horses. I looked at all seven pairs of track pants that I insist on owning - all navy blue or black, save except for one pair of green quick dri by NorthFace. I am down to three. Three people. Three pairs of track pants.

I packed up summer clothes and put them away. I packed up a bag of everything I hadn't worn in six months and am ready to take it to a friend of mine. I got rid of shoes that didn't need to hang around. I cleaned my desk off. I threw out all the crap that I piled into semi-tidy piles to be thrown out.

I can see my floor.

I can look in my closet and find what I need without squinting my eyes and looking like I am peering into the very core of the sun and trying to find a needle in a proverbial haystack.

I know what I'm going to wear tomorrow and am well aware of its laundered state.

I found the two articles that I have to know for my exam on Wednesday.

I cleaned out the drain in the bathtub. And I gagged. A lot. Even though I know it's my hair it doesn't matter because it's still freaking gross.

I can rest soundly tonight in the knowledge that I will not be taken over by anything strange and uncertain that may have lived under my bed - a strange and unknown seeking refuge under the strange and unknown.

Strangely enough, the bathroom radiator, which has never worked, kicked in and pumped out heat. A lot of heat. The homos around here nearly broke a sweat.

"I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears and sweat."
Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)


Potor said...

Well done Ms. D, I applaud you. I like the color of the tile by the radiator. Is it a lime green?

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

Thank you! It sure is lime green -not overpowering, but definately cheery. I painted the bottom kitchen cabinets the same colour. :) This morning when I woke up I was just lying there, looking around and saying "coooool".

Curious Jane said...

I miss you Miss D. I can't wait to see your closet! And your floor! Have I ever seen your floor? I know you haven't seen mine - but Toxic cleaned our room and I can see it for the first time in a year. There's hardwood under there. Who knew?!

Ms Dare2dv8 said...


I actually took pictures of my floor!! You know, a point of reference for when I return to my old ways! :)

I miss you too :(

Smarts said...

You just couldn't have done that two Tuesday's ago could you!


Ms Dare2dv8 said...


I know - sorry Smarts! Ya got the homos though, what else could I give you???

Broken Angel said...

I'm loving your blog. Isn't it crazy how, when that special time rolls around you can't find a tampon to save your life, but after you have to either run out to the 7-11(for surprise attacks) to pay $15 for a box of 8, or make it to Costco and pay $15 for a box of 48, once you get home, and get the box open, about 25 of them jump out of the cupboards. You find them everywhere. You feel so smug you don't bother to buy any more when it's over, then the next time.....argh!! Not to mention, I don't care what anyone thinks, I hate hardwood floors because the dust bunnies (they breed like rabbits) have nowhere to hide. They gang up on you. I'd rather have all the dirt nicely tucked away into the carpet until I'm ready to run the vacuum over it and suck the buggers up (though I think they sneak right back out of the bag as soon as you look away). I'm a little lost, but would love to know if you got the trampoline. Also, tiny question, totally don't want to be too personal so please feel free to ignore if you like, but I read a couple of blogs on here (some great talent), paper airplanes is one, which led me to you ;). You can't know too many cool chicks. Anywho, it appears that the comments that used to be on your two sites from each other have disappeared. Falling out? Should I be wary of this guy? Just don't want to trip on any bad peeps, as I tend to be overly trusting nice small town gal. Anyway, my kitty's in heat and attempting an experiment in the right combination of wailing length and volume necessary to drive two human beings utterly insane, so must go stick xtra tampons in my ear to block out the racket. Hit me back. Ashleigh - (BrokenAngel blog)