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14 November 2005

Tuesday Morning Hotspot

So the Kikster and I are going to be on the radio in the morning. The whole fiasco is pretty funny, and really, unsurprising to our lives. We grabbed CJ and headed for a radio 'open house' - everything you need and wanted to know about broadcasting, right here in our fair capital city. Apparently there are positions available. So we go. Why not? It's free and they served timbits. We weren't really looking for jobs. I think it's more about opportunity. Yes. As in, how can we get us, in full blown us flavour, onto the airwaves for the ENTIRE WORLD TO ENJOY?

We got there a few minutes early and waited for CJ and kiddo to join our entourage. There were some very well coifed people - all dressed in black, carrying heavy brown envelopes and portfolios and wearing their best faces... you know, the kind that says 'please talk to me, I'm dreadfully interesting and will tell you everything you want to know plus a little extra'. The three of us sat in the corner on the stairs and talked about sex. I laughed a fair amount, which in itself isn't strange and never quiet - but it was amplified several degrees based on the simple fact that NOBODY was speaking. After all, they were here to make a good impression. We did too. We gave the customary rat's ass.

So we toured. We nodded and smiled and looked at the booths, appropriately oohing and aahing at all the right intervals. CJ took kiddo to get chocolate so Kiki and I could wander a bit more. About 10 minutes into it, we ditched the group and were searching for an out. We didn't want to be in sales. We didn't want the news. We wanted the morning show because, well, we're morning show kind of girls. About 6 minutes previous to our escape, we were introduced to the morning guy. We happened to see him just previous to exiting. I would like to think that we didn't corner him completely. I'm sure it was more in tune with absolutley perfect timing. Kiki came right along with me.

Me: "I know you. You're the morning guy. I listen to you all the time. You're good!"

Morning Guy: "Why thank you!" [beaming smile]

Me: "I expected you to be taller". [Innocent look]

Morning Guy: [Laughing and strangely taking to the Kikster and I] "Hey, Do you guys want to announce some songs for tomorrow morning?"

Kiki looks at me. I look at Kiki.


I think not.

So there we were. The only ones clothed in non-black and neatly pressed articles, without even a whiff of a resume and no further inclinations than gratifying our immediate and aforementioned need in the paragraphs above. And we were the only ones that actually landed on the radio. I called mom. She didn't even pretend to be surprised. She's known us for a long time.

Life is just so darn priceless sometimes.

Not a shred of evidence exists in favor of the idea that life is serious.
Brendan Gill

1 comment:

Curious Jane said...

Your quote is PERFECT.

You forgot to mention that you asked if you could say "fart!" on air.
(the answer he gave was, surprisingly, "yes"!)