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03 November 2005

A welcome reprieve

So I guess I can't use the ol' cancer card anymore. Too bad, really - I got out of a lot of stuff with that bad boy. But in saying that, I was more than a little relieved to know that everything came back clean. Guess I'll have to start going to class again. Sheesh.

I'm posting this picture just because I think I like it. It was one of those ones that I had to stare at for quite sometime before I could decide my opinion. Smarts left today. I miss her already. CJ and I talked for a long time on the phone and Kiki and I landed in Walmart (The Portal). At one point in the mitten (which, if you're from the Miramichi, would be pronounce "mi'en" - no t's) aisle, we're standing rather close. She looks up at me (because she's 4'3" and I'm 7'8") and says "I think it's time for a hug". We hugged. It was magical.

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