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04 December 2005

Christmas with the Cats

I'm about to make a broad and sweeping statment for two particular reasons:
1) That's what I do
2) After much thoughtful thought, I am hard pressed to think otherwise

So here it is...

When women and a gay men get together, generally we and they are catty as hell. I would like to think that our trio (Kiki, CJ) are different, but we too have our moments (psycho texters). Right now, Lil homo is entertaining girls from work before they go out for dinner for the Christmas party. They all work in retail at a children's clothing place in the mall. And they all love and hate one another. It's fascinating. I can't say that I'm any better by times, but I guess it's one of those moments of clarity where I should probably be a little more thankful for everything and wag my tongue a little less.

"Linus and Lucy" is coming through my speakers - A Charlie Brown Christmas by the Vince Guaraldi Trio is probably one of the best Christmas albums out there. Highly recommended - 5 out of 5 Potors (sorry man, you have really got to TM that thing because frankly, I love it!) Potor may not indorse this album, but I like that he gives things out of five. Dude, you rock.

It was another great weekend, low key and uneventful except for the fact that I'm still falling a little harder for PC after every day I spend with him. I guess you would have to understand the relationship I came out of to appreciate the one that I'm treading into. Waaay different. Waaay much cooler. Waaay easier. I had no idea that love could be so undramatized. We went to Miramichi with mom and dad... halfway through the day he comes up behind me in the mall and puts his arm around me and whispers "So we're the refereers between mom and dad, eh?" I laughed and kissed him and told him that I was so tickled that he understood without me having to explain it. Life is good. Friday night we did some shopping for him. We wandered through the stores and throngs of people. He held my hand and I helped him spend his money. What a great combination! And just for the record, it wasn't on me, although he did buy me my christmas gift. Folks, I got hockey skates. You don't get much more Canadian than that. I tried them on, he laced them up, checked them over and made sure they fit. I'm a capable girl, but sometimes it's nice to let someone take care of you - and feel safe in them doing so.

I think I'll go have a bath and read on Canada's foreign policy.


Curious Jane said...

You totally had me until "Canada's foreign policy" then my eyes glazed over. You need a medal for wanting to read that in the tub!

Suz said...

Girl, that whole bit about being easy? Totally sounds like how it was with my hubby.

Go with it. Enjoy it. You've got a keeper. Just remember keepers aren't perfect... ;-)

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

L - So true isn't it - keepers aren't perfect. Well put. :) You should move closer and have coffee with us!

CJ - if it's any consolation, I skipped the tub and CFP and went straight for the couch and watched a 1992 Christmas special starring Randy Travis. And it was perfect :) See you at 1030!

Fenn said...

when i came out of a "dramatic" relationship i set my mind to playing the field & not getting attached. low & behold the first guy i dated is now my baby's daddy & my fiance. things just went smoothly (not what i'm used to), which sounds like something you've got yourself. he's far from perfect but he's perfect for me.