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01 December 2005


Tu Finis! Kaput! No more!!


Let me explain.

Last week was a hectic week. As I had mentioned in previous posts, Eric flew in from Vancouver and anything that required my immediate attention really slid right down hill and landed squarely and securely in the gutter. I should have realized that this was going to happen, especially when it was a wednesday afternoon at Mr. Joyce's, a local irish establishment and Eric and I were liquored to the tits by 3:47 in the afternoon. We did make it through the parliment building and the museum. Is it my fault they set up shop just beside there? Could I help it if it was snowing out? Is it a bad thing when you cancel all your tutoring with children who really need your help, to go drink heavily? We won't answer that one right now. I was just having a grand time and not particularly worried about anything... that was until Kiki joined us and upon sitting down at our table (we only needed to move a few empty pints) and she looked at me, lifted an eyebrow and said "I could hear you before I opened the door." I tend to get a bit.... amplified.... when I'm drinking. I'm bad enough without alcohol. I like to think of it as good projection. Anyways, so I giggled because I was in the mood to do some giggling. So all was cool. Until she turned and looked at me and said "Oh my gawd! I can smell it on you!". Smell what, you may ask, for this too was my first question. "You smell like booze!". Ooops. Good thing I cancelled the tutoring. So we made our way home in the snow a few hours later. It's nice to live downtown.

Friday night we went to the infamous 20/20 because I decided that I needed to introduce Eric to something that I couldn't really put a finger on to describe properly. PC was over and apparently was enjoying me and my two bottles of wine that I consumed immensely. Eric's in the process of a divorce and I figured he needed to get out a bit.... you know.... drink, pick up... yaddy yaddy yaddy. I think that I had the most fun. Post two bottles of wine, I consumed more than a handful of shots. Yes folks, picture it. I thought it was pretty. Dead sexy, actually. Reality stated different. But me and the homo danced our asses off and poor old Eric was the only one who didn't get laid. There was more to the story at the first of the week when it was still fresh in my mind, but I'm afraid the week has diminished some details. Don't worry, I'll have a flashback and re-report.

But it's Thursday now. The paper that I initially thought was due on next Tuesday (five days hence) but in turn was due TODAY (no days hence) came through with the only hitch being lack of sleep. Kiki and I are going with a friend to see a band. I invited a girl from one of my education classes... she's a pretty cool chick. I hope she emails me back so I can remember her first name.

A few of us decided today that if we were going to be elementary school teachers we should probably stop saying 'fuck'. With any luck I should be able to pay my January tuition with the money from the swear jar.

There is no cure for birth and death, save to enjoy the interval.
George Santayana (1863-1952)

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