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12 December 2005


I'm falling in love. And the fact that it doesn't bother me should probably bother me. I thought I had fallen in love before. I was certain that I had. But it's funny how when you look back on everything and some really serious things seem really silly. And when you strip it all away -expectations, uncertainties, hopes, and hurts - you look at the one you think you love, and then you make that choice. For real.

ERQNDN believe it or not, is not the infamous word verify that we all know and love. It's confirmation on a flight that will take PC about 3000 miles west on January 16, 2006 at 16:35. As of right now, from this moment, 34 days seems like a really short time.

But I understand. I think that's probably the biggest and most important aspect - I understand that he needs to go for him. It has nothing to do with me. But strangely it has a lot to do with me. When you really care for someone, the fart-in-bed-and-fluff-the-covers kind of care, where you let it hang out because it's silly to keep it in, I think you're powerless to not cheer them on in some form or another. Or atleast that's how I think it should be. And I understand that a good many of you out there think I'm completely off my rocker. Anyways, that's how I feel about him. I don't think I've ever met someone so darn easy to love. Strange how there's a settledness that you can't explain to anyone else.

It snowed tonight and the city is beautiful. That lovely coating of white that hides all our wonderful imperfections and remnants of messy woohoo. I guess it's true, there really is a season for everything... a time to mix and blend and then mellow your flavour from within... taking little sips, or great big gulps, until it's just perfect. Kind of like sticking your finger in the cookie dough.

take me not away from life, for life holds the secrets of the universe.

ms d (1976- )
student, teacher, shit disturber and giggler.


Smarts said...

I am relearning that life is about trans-form-ation. You always do it beautifully.

bloggomatique said...

The only thing worse than being in love is not being in love, as they say. Or is it the other way 'round? I shan't ken that.

Curious Jane said...

If all christians were like you, I'd sign up. You get it.
I love you darlin'. I'm so glad you're you and that you found PC.