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18 December 2005

An evening with Miles

It's Sunday evening and I'm listening to Miles Davis. It's a good night. I picked up a new Jazz mix to compliment my already bizarre cd collection. Many feel like it's elevator music, and I appreciate that. I don't necessarily agree, but I appreciate.

The weekend was good. I wrote my exam yesterday afternoon and I believe I came through and passed with minimal scarring. When I was done two hours and five minutes later I re-packed my backpack and headed back over to PC's - we had a family Christmas gathering. His family. My first. There are no complaints. We had a yankee swap, a lot of laughs and far too much of his Uncle Paul's homemade B52's. Wow. Not only did I sleep, I slept really really well. PC was still a little under the weather due to Friday night's adventure, but he was sociable and particularly pleased that i had decided to hang back out with him for another 'party night' and not be bitchy. It's tough to be bitchy when you're genuinely having a great time.

I don't know but there's something to be said about Christmas in small places with big families. They welcomed me in again and made me feel at home. We laughed and talked and I asked his mother if there was anything I could bring for Christmas dinner. His dad told stories reminiscent of his table dancing days. Not to worry, Sunflower, you are still the only one in our clan. I just can't guarantee what I may or may not marry into!

There were a lot of things that made the weekend really special. For now I'm just going to hold tight to those and smile to myself.



Curious Jane said...

who on earth is Miles Davis? Is he a trumpet player?

bloggomatique said...

Miles Davis is dead. Wallace Roney is not.

Ms Dare2dv8 said...


I got nothin'