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08 December 2005

The Repeat of History and the Wisdom of 8 year olds

I told you I would. Show of hands as to who here is surprised?

So I'm knee deep into studying and can readily be placed under the category of "Not Knowing a Damn Thing". Actually, that's not true - I'm teasing. It's much more logical to put me under "FUBAR". Yes, that sums it up nicely. But the night's still young... I've got 12 hours and 8 minutes until the actual exam starts. Plenty of time. And I'm determined. Being determined is nine tenths of the battle I find. Plus I drank a pumpkin latte because that helps too. And I read over my notes once and looked up a meaning that I didn't know. I re-examined my two previous exams in this course. We'll say it's ...... perculating.... Yes... that's what's happening. My brain is osmotically taking in Canada's Foreign Policy. Statistically speaking, most politicians were C students at best, so with my A- I'm a step and a half ahead of the whole friggin' game. I'm practically bullet proof.

For those of you who are skimmers and may not know what I do, besides being my own nemesis as a student, I'm also a tutor. It keeps me busy and on my toes, and the wisdom that comes from 8 year olds is nothing short of astounding. They talk and tell stories and are honest whether you're looking for it or not. I've learned that in order to even consider the teaching profession, a strong sense of humour and a subtle sense of self are two very strict requirements!

Neil arrived yesterday at 3:30pm and ready to go to work. He's in grade 3 and is a bit confounded on his creative writing bit. Many times we just need to start talking to get a few ideas flowing. Conversation is as follows:

Me: "Well, what would you like for Christmas this year, Neil?"
Neil: "Oh, I dunno. What about you?"
Me: "Oh, I dunno either... tell me a few of your ideas."
Neil: "I know! You should ask for a Boyfriend for Christmas!"
Me: "I have one... maybe you should ask for a girlfriend"
Neil: "Nah, I just got one, just found out yesterday!"
Me: "Yeah? How's that?"
Neil: "Her friend told me out by the swings. "
Me: "Oh yeah? You think she's cute?"
Neil: "Well, I wouldn'ta said yes if she weren't!"

Oh dear.

Jacob: "You the same age as mom?"
Me: "Yep, we went to highschool together."
Jacob: "Ya got any kids?"
Me: "Nope, should I?"
Jacob: "Well yer old 'nuff ain't ya?"


Jeremy: "Hey Turkey Face"
Me: "Hey Stinker Butt"
Jeremy: "I dont wanna work none"
Me: "No? Why's that?"
Jeremy: "I got a story I need to tell ya from Saturday"
Me: "Oh yeah? Remember back in the day when you wouldn't say a word and just do the work that I put out?"
Jeremy: "Yep. Them days is over".

They still all managed to jump two letter grades. And that people, is grace.

I've officially decided that for the last part of Friday afternoons I will force all children in my classroom to speak with an english accent - tell them to hold tight to their knickers whilst I make ready the tea. I will tell them that they shan't be understood if they speak in any other way. They will giggle and so will I and regardless of anything else they may or may not learn in their year with me, they will remember that. Forever. If something's inevitable to be indelible, it would be best if it atleast made you smile.


The most wasted of all days is that on which one has not laughed.

Nicolas Chamfort (1741-94)

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