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15 December 2005

Stress and Colons

Finally the time has arrived for the required amount of stress to kick in my coritzone levels. With any luck in the next hour or two I will begin to experience the 'fight or flight' response within my muscle tissue. I wonder who will win??

Because I have put off all that has been on my to-do list this week, my important to-do list that is, I have come full circle on all house duties. Generally speaking, this is probably the cleanest this joint has been since my midterms. Ah well... everything works out for a reason.

As for me, my diet has been the shits so I've upped my water intake (decreased coffee but only suffering mild ticks) and have been taking in more fiber-licious goods such as raw sunflower seeds and whole flax. In fact, I'm presently whipping together some frying pan spagetti with whole wheat pasta with flax and omega 3's. I have stuck close to home today because not only are my floors clean, my colon is as well. In fact, after the second trip to the bathroom, as I was pulling up my drawers, my small intestine popped out, gave me a queer look and said "what the hell?"

I shrugged my shoulders and patted his head. Not to worry little buddy, Christmas cooking is coming soon and we'll get you plugged back up properly.

Time to study!


Kiki said...

Two words: doggy pictures

Smarts said...

Well cleanse my colon.

Jeni Paij said...

*laughs hysterically*