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21 December 2005

Sunny and Cold

I'm at maw and paw's this morning and it's a balmy -22, sunny and cold. The kind of day where the snow squeeks. I was in a miserable mood last night when I arrived, having just finished my final exam and not particularly impressed with my effort put forth. I'm fighting a head cold and a lot of details blurred together. Normally if I screw something up, I get over it, but I suppose I'm a bit more sensitive about this one because I really like the prof. There's something to be said about good instructors - they really do make me want to shoot higher.

On the up shot though, dad and I were having coffee this morning and discussing what to do over the Christmas Season. We got mom skates and thought better of it than get them for dad. Smarts, dad said "good call". Anyways, just because he doesn't skate anymore (although I used to watch him play hockey when I was a kid), doesn't mean that he doesn't like to get out. He's off to his morning coffee club (Tim Horton's- where I was recently told by another member that they are referred to as "The Dead Pecker Society", which, even though it involves my dad, still makes me laugh), to check with Paul to see if they could get Little Lake cleared off for some skating during the next week. It was fun to watch him all excited... "We could go back and make a big bonfire!". He even went in to check the weather network to see what the looming forecast was to bring.

It's funny to think back on our childhood and remember these neat little things we did. Maybe mom thought we were lacking under the tree, but we sure had a pile of stuff to unwrap in the world that surrounded us. Dad made sure of it. Mom made sure we were dressed warm enough. I love my family because I'm stuck with them. I like them based on a whole lot of other stuff.

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