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06 December 2005

A warm and cozy place

I really love where I live. We're nestled into downtown into a great spot that has more character than Lil 'Homo and I put together. Maybe not so many WooHoo stories, but character of other sorts. It's funny, in all my years of running around and living here and there, a prime indicator of when I've settled into a place is that I bake. Tonight I made banana chocolate chip muffins. No mix, but a great deal of comfort and satisfaction inside my four walls.

There's a great relief in being home, no matter how non- traditional it may be. :)

The art of living is the art of using experience - your own and other people's.

Herbert Louis Samuel (1870-1963)


Curious Jane said...

I think that you should be sending a muffin or two my way. yup. That's what I think. You can put them in the mailbox, ring the bell and run like ehck so no flu germs touch you! lol
love the pics.

fvrzh: me saying "fabulous" with a mouthful of muffin

Curious Jane said...

uh. That shoulda read "heck" and not "ehck" though I kind of like that spelling better now that I look at it.

Smarts said...

I NEED a digital!
Love the pics and your place.

Potor said...

That is so cool looking!

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

I was pretty tickled with how they turned out - I just was farting around with the flash and turned it off. I love it when it's simple!