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03 January 2006

Back at it

I'm not sure how I feel about class starting tomorrow. To say that I'm sitting on the nubbin ball surrounded by, well, shit, would be a bit of an understatement. I'm listening to Spirit of the West's "Home for a Rest" and have resolved my New Year's Resolution. I've thought a great deal about 2005 and am quite pleased to see it end. I ended it thinner than when I entered it. I went to school. I passed. I drank a little less than I had in years previous. I think I've been a pretty good kid.

So for this year I've decided this:

I will not take on other peoples fears. I'm good at it - done it for years, actually. But this year I vow to make different. I deserve that. Those who love me will understand without me having to explain. Gawd I'm thankful for good friends. It's kind of nice when everyone else can just fuck off and leave no permanent damage.

Kiki and I are going skating at the outdoor rink downtown. I called over and she was into the rum. I think she may be onto something. After all, it is the first Tuesday of the New Year. I'm really excited to be as wonderfully imperfect as I seem to be!


If life imitated television, teenagers would be twenty five, Mom would be thirty, and Grandma would be thirty-three. Are there any real people left?

Valerie Harper


Curious Jane said...

I wish I could be into the rum and skating like you two. Instead I am off to my meeting. I have eaten choco frozen mccains cake to bolster my energy.

Have fun skating girlies!!

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

We'll have a shot for you and drag you around in spirit!