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31 January 2006


As I was driving over to tutor this afternoon, a few interesting things happened:

1) My battery light came on on my dashboard. This is something new. This is a bit frustrating since I just purchased and installed a new, and very expensive, battery last year at about this time.

2) PC's sister-in-law was at the arena. For anyone that is unaware, she doesn't speak to me. We're not sure why, because she introduced me to him. We had a good time just before Christmas. Something changed afterwards. She literally had to go by me sidways and she would not make eye contact. We had been friends for pretty much our entire existance. Until December.

3) My ABS light decides to join my battery light on my dashboard. This also is something new. This too is a bit frustrating because, according to my mechanic, my car no longer has ABS - which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I'll just have to remember to pump my brakes. However, in saying that, it's a bit of a chagrin because I bought a new car around one of the reasons of NO longer having to pump my brakes.

4) I am frustrated about money. Fine, I'm a student, I understand that there are not riches to be held. I also understand that I'm still playing catch-up from a quiet work-season over Christmas. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed my break, but I'm definately feeling the pinch - a pinching that is turning into a breaking. I'm sure that I will wake up with a better perspective.

5) After making an appointment for my car tomorrow, as I was pulling into the driveway and wondering how I can niggle mom's car out of her for the night, my Check Engine light came on. If you check the list at #1 and #3, you will probably begin to see that my dashboard is somewhat resembling a fucking christmas tree. I am no longer in the Christmas spirit. Least of all since I only have five car payments left and I'll be pissed if the son-of-a-whore dies on me. I will burn it. Don't even think for a moment that I may be remotely joking. I will torch that bastard.

6) Dad was supposed to take a peek at it, or atleast that's what I had assumed and hoped for. PC was always so good at things like that - checking to see what he could fix before I ended up taking it to the mechanic. PC's 3000 miles away right now. Right now he may as well be on the moon. I'm trying not to be upset, but it's not working all that well right now. You know, kind of like my car and its dashboard - I'm still going, but there are definately a few warning lights that can't be ignored.

7) And reiterating the #4 slot, one of my kids, the one that needs it the most, the one who wants to be a doctor but can't read past a grade 1 level, just cancelled. I could care less about the money with her, I just wish she were here. I kind of wish she were mine because I'd make sure she didn't get lost in the shuffle and always had a proper dinner.

It's only 3:21 in the afternoon and I am more disheartened that I have been in quite some time. I guess like all things, this too will pass. But it fucking sucks right now.


Bridget said...

Tomorrow is a new day. And the money troubles? They never go, so you have to figure out how to let them go and keep a balance. If you ever figure that out, let me know! I keeping hearing it. I was doing so well with your entry until I almost cried when you mentioned wishing you could make sure one of the kids got a proper dinner. You care. Thank you.

ccaptious said...

Aw bless you Ms D, that sounds proper pants!

Curious Jane said...

OH HON!!! What a shitty day. Call me when you can.
((((((((((((((MONSTER FROM THE DEEP HUGS)))))))))))))

Smarts said...

Sometimes life just sucks.

Kiki said...

I getcha! $400 Platinum Plug wires!!

Word Verify: uwisukvy - a former professor of mine.

Fenn said...

money is always and forever will be an issue (with me at least). it just seems a lot worse when the whole day is full of suckyness. chin up!