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03 January 2006

Caught in the Act

Compliments of CJ... Kiki and I embraced the holiday cheer thanks to the help of our own personal Christmas Elf, CJ. Life's messy and it just goes to show that good friends make if laughable.

2006 will have a few objectives:

Goal #1: Allow CJ's husband to cart us around in the back of his minivan while we drink, giggle and order drive thru. To go. *snicker*

Goal #2: Treasure him and his imperfections because he gets all my good points and finds my not-so-great ones pretty inconsequential.

Goal #3: Life goes too quickly and gets blurry when you try to catch it for permanence. Take pictures anyway.


Potor said...

You were just too drunk to shoot at that shutter speed.

Ms Dare2dv8 said...


Curious Jane said...

I need to use tooth whitener. And blow my nose.

And I want that magnetic Santa on that fridge. I don't have one for MY fridge. How'd I miss that?