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29 January 2006


All was going well until my feet were at eye-level and I had enough time to meet Kiki's eyes. The next thought was "fuck, this is going to hurt". It was resigned. Not panicked, not worried about the stars aligning, just enough room between my arse and the ice for a small child to get underneath me.

I got air.

And I wasn't wrong - it hurt.

I'll post the bruise in about an hour - it's gotta simmer first.

But what a great afternoon!! Arse bruise and everything!!


Jeni Paij said...

A cosmopolitan might dull the pain a bit (I'd mix you one up if I was there...) and a zafu pillow really soothes a sore arse...if you know what I mean. ;) Thank you for your comments. That is incredibly kind and much appreciated. I hope you recover soon. Namaste - PA

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

I want a zafu pillow. I may end up ordering two. I would say that I need a higher limit on my m/c, but reality says that I should just continue paying the damn thing off.


but i want it nooooooow..........