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22 January 2006

Remember when

I said that Kiki and I went skating a few weeks ago, and that she was liquored to the tits - you know, because she didn't want the eggnog to go bad? This is her on my kitchen floor said night. Boots with quick lace effects can be tricky. I would say she was working up a sweat and fighting the spins. Had you watched her going, you would have pegged her for the star of Something on Ice, by *hiccup* Disney.

Please feel free to comment. I'll make sure she gets them. CJ, this coming Thursday night, I'm coming for you.... hehehe


Curious Jane said...

I'm going to go helmet-less and with my hair done up and lipstick on!

I'll put my hockey helmet on, smear some greasepaint under my eyes and blacken out a tooth.

Ms Dare2dv8 said...



*still laughing*