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22 January 2006

Saturday Night

It feels like I'm in Seattle tonight - mild, windy and rainy. I guess the comparison stops there since I only had to jump two lanes of traffic and not the requisite one-hundred-and-six. Okay, maybe I'm exagerating about how many lanes there were. There were actually only eighty three.

Hard to believe that the week went so quickly and now the weekend is mostly done. Saturday's are funny like that. The morning signals the start of the weekend, the evening signals nearing the end.

The day's been good. CJ and I took her squirt to see "Hoodwinked", which I highly recommend. If you're a fan of "Fletch", which I happen to be, you will honestly and truly appreciate the wolf. He is Fletch in cartoon form - honestly and truly. He even has the Lakers jersey. It was pretty perfect.

I know you are all lying in wait about my hair. Not to worry, all turned out well - the stars aligned and all the fallen stars got wished upon - I received a wonderful haircut. And I, in all my Ms D fashion, also proceeded to colour it. Again. I know, you're all terribly shocked. I'm a lighter shade of blonde. There is no answer to the proverbial "why?". Let it go.

Did I mention the new program that I'm doing - and no, it's not AA, but in saying that, I did polish off all the hard liquor that was (key word) in our apartment. I also ate a box of chocolates. I talked to PC last night and he asked me how I was making out without him around. I told him that I was doing better than I expected and picked up a couple of great new hobbies that will help pass the time while he's away. They're called "Alcoholism" and "Chocolate Binging". From the looks of tonight, I'm quite stellar at both of them. A natural talent, I would dare say. No, no... I'm almost kidding.... ;) But back to my new program - Budakon. It's a combination of yoga and martial arts and it's INTENSE. I've been into yoga for the past year, but the last few months have seen me do nothing but add more channels to my cable subscription. So this is pretty rockin'. It's one of those workouts that when you're done, you feel like you could do anything that involves back bends and ass kicking. It's quite empowering, and while very difficult compared to anything I've ever done, I'm noticing small improvements everyday - the main one being that I'm not having to pop advil to relax my back before bed. I'm happy to be off the Advil. If I'm going to be addicted to something in a pill form, I would far prefer something with a hallucinegic property. But that's just me. I don't want something to just get rid of inflamation, I want something that will fuck me right up.

The house is a mess and the 'mos will be back tomorrow. They went for a weekend getaway to halifax, actually spending a night with Smarts. Apparently Mr. Smarts was wondering if he should make fruitcake for dessert while they were there. I felt is was a rhetorical question. Speaking of homos, though, I watched a lesbian wedding on the Life Network tonight - Canada's answer to TLC. We've legalized 'em, so why not put 'em out there on a wedding challenge?! It was interesting because the couple they were 'challenging' was a pair of born-again Christians who had great struggles in planning something they didn't agree with. They did a good job. It's tough to be righteous without adding one's self to the mix. My house is still a mess and in the wise words of my father: "the whole thing's gone to dog shit".

We've had great discussions on fear this week and I thought about a conversation that I had with my banker a few months ago. She said that she didn't believe the old adage that said "Something worth doing is worth doing well." She thought it was a lot of bunk. She said that she felt it should be more in tune with "Something worth doing is worth doing poorly because you never get it right the first time through." I thought that there was a lot of wisdom in that observation.

I turn 30 in ten weeks.

I believe the second half of one's life is meant to be better than the first half. The first half is finding out how you do it. And the second half is enjoying it."

Frances Lear

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