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05 January 2006

Sociology 1583

The prof was 12 minutes late. It's a 3 hr class every Thursday from 7p until 10p. I lasted another 22 minutes on top of the 12 that I waited for His Lateness.


He somehow corrolated a relationship between GPAs and artificial insemination that takes place in the US and gets shuttled cross border into Canada. If you're lost, you're not alone.

I question whether or not he had ever been laid. Actually, I wouldn't be surprised to find out that he sits in a dark bedroom and rocks back and forth.

Yes, it really was that bad. I'm sure he's a nice fellow. I'm just more than a little thankful that it's not a pre-req because I would gouge out my eyes and pour acid in my ears.

We are all in this crazy life together and I wish all of us well. After all, most of my friends and family happen to be people, except for one bird and a mangy old orange cat.

Fannie Flagg


Potor said...

Ah, yes. I have had that professor before.

Curious Jane said...

I think they put all the winner profs in the night schedule. Like the guy who I had for a 3 hour class that st-st-stu-sttt-stuttered.

Not that there's anything wrong with that (if you can copy someone's notes when you skip)

Smarts said...

So does this mean you're dropping the course?


Ms Dare2dv8 said...


Oh yeah!

Jen said...

There is a very good reason I only take internet courses. You discovered it the hard way. Get out while you still have your sanity!!!