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04 January 2006


I wrote a New Year's Email. It's something that I usually do, it's just not necessarily pegged as "A New Year's Email". Sometimes it comes in the middle of the year, sometimes it's in near the end. Regardless, I wrote one. And as I look back on the pages that I composed, I am struck by a simple thought: what a bunch of shit. Of course it's been a rewarding year, how could it not? Unless I'm dead, I would say that I'm a good two steps ahead of the game. Of course its had its ups and downs, it's like a good roller coaster. Of course there's been good and bad choices - hell, nobody makes good ones all the time, and if I'm always screwing up, I may want to re-evaluate who it is that's helping me out. I scrapped the email. I was sending it out to all those folks who drop me a line and ask me "hey, how's it going? we should get together sometime and catch up". It's not that I don't want to, because I do. Actually, I should probably say, a good, oh, 73% of the time I do, the other 27% gets, let's say, 'lost in translation'. I looked over my email list and thought, do they really want to hear this? Do they really care? Is my dropping my electronic droppings into their inbox going to impact them in some form or another? It sucks when something becomes a chore. So I'm still plunked here on the nubbin ball. I did manage to clean out my yahoo account, managing to not subscribe to any 'natual male enhancements' in the process. I wish they sent out more on boobs. I'd be interested in getting new boobs. Big ones. The kind of I would have to squash down from under my chin.

The cleaning has stalled... momentarily. Atleast I hope it's momentarily. I polished off the booze, so I should be able to work straight through for awhile. I cleaned off my bed and made it. The only problem with cleaning off my bed is that now I have to clean off my floor. If there were a sign to hang over the top of my bedroom door it would read: WARNING: COPIOUS AMOUNTS OF RANDOM SHIT THAT HAVE BEEN PURCHASED / GIVEN WITHOUT ANY SENSE OF ORDER. The rest of the house, not a problem. If you just 'drop by', I'm not embarassed. As for the bedroom, well let's just say that the door stays closed a fair amount. I need a clean sweep.

Apparently we got a letter in the mail that said our house phone was to be disconnected if payment was not received soon. Unbeknownst to myself, I made a payment, so the Land Line gods should be momentarily appeased. I asked Lil Homo if everything was ok since that particular bill was his responsibility. "oh yeah, no worries - you've got you're cell phone, right?" Yes, I still have my cell phone. "Good, just in case! I'm 21! What did you expect??". Yes, he's 21. Really, what did I expect? I was 24 when they disconnected my first one. ;)

I've attached a picture of my father based on the simple fact that it makes me laugh and looks nothing like him. Mother would be mortified if she knew I put it up, you know, because someone will steal his identity and his life-savings. I should probably keep my mouth shut, but the most they would get would be the headlamp, an old house that needs new windows, and possibly her. Depends on how well they wheel and deal.

"If your house is really a mess and a stranger comes to the door, greet him with, "Who could have done this? We have no enemies."

Phyllis Diller


Kiki said...

So, ummm, how'd that nap work out for ya?

Smarts said...

There are days and then there are days. I love it when your posts show me what a thoughtful and intelligent spirit you are.

I love you, said softly.

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

I love you, too


Fenn said...

i see where you and smarts get your looks ;) LOL