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13 January 2006

Time is of the Essence

I'm not sure what that title really means if I look at it literally. I'm in a writing course this term, and I'm a bit disturbed that it could ruin me on it. Which is too bad, since I really enjoy it.

There aren't enough minutes for me today. Well, there would be if I socked a few things, but I can't, because those things that would get socked today will be imperative for tomorrow. Catch 22. Anyways, I've still gotta get the cake, pick up forks, a pound of hamburger, get my eyebrows waxed, hit the liquor store (not literally) drop off things at the inlaws and still get home in a reasonable enough time the PC doesn't feel put out (even though I'm doing all this shit for him! He just doesn't know yet) that I haven't spent enough time with him. Oh yeah, and watch Ghost Whisperer. I really like that show.

Next time I write, PC will be gone and I'm sure I'll be in tears.

Blah. How is it you can look forward to a weekend but not look forward to the weekend??

Sometimes being human has its moments of sucking out loud.

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