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30 January 2006

Witch Doctors

I tend to lean towards the side of my family that had a lot of witch doctors. And when I say 'witch doctors', I mean that they cured a lot of ailments with dark rum, a few select poultices, an occassional tea bag, and the belief that if you were sitting there whining about something then you'd probably, eventually, mend. Since mother is not a rum drinker, or provider of such medicinal wonders, she has substituted into her kit Buckley's White Rub and Robatussin.

Tonight I have doctored myself up because never in my life has my arse pained like it pained today. My back and I don't tend to agree on the best of days, but throw a bruised and chunky thigh and ain't nobody happy. So between the 8 advil that I had for lunch, the epson salt bath, the white rub and the two shots of Robatussin, I'm hoping to sleep moderately well through the night. However, in saying all that, and being ready for bed, I am required to stay up for a bit. I have this nasty little allergy to red cough medicine and I forgot what it does to me. I am presently being reminded. My heart races and my hands shake, which is kind of interesting since they shake anyways. Right now I kind of look like a sure case for parkinsons. It's a bit tricky, but my heart is beating at, probably close to double what it is at rest. I'm ok if I stay seated, it's maneuvering that tends to be a bit tricky because the world suddenly decides to tilt my apartment floors. I'm sure it won't last much longer. But, just to be on the safe side, if I happen to call and don't say anything, could you call 911? I'm apartment #10, back door, second floor.

I saw J tonight, not up close enough to say 'hey' and look away akwardly, but from the distance and, yeah, safety of my car. I saw him walking up the hill by the university when I was finishing class. He must be out thinking about something. He always liked to walk when he had something that required thought. But that was it. No grandeur. No hoorah. No... nothing. Time does marvelous things.

"How many husbands have I had? You mean apart from my own?"

Zsa Zsa Gabor

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