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31 January 2006


Is anyone else out there old enough to remember typing tests? The kind with an actual typewriter? Where the sound of "A-S-D-F-J-K-L-Semicolon" permeated the air as Mrs. Robinson strolled around the classroom, taking about as little interest in our typing technique as she did in our oral french exams? That's what Word Verify reminds me of. I thought of Potor this morning, wondering if he had issues with the keyboard, as he said he had issues with writing? From the looks of his blog, he's doing very well. I'm proud of ya, big guy.

Last night I had to go get groceries. I didn't want to because I hate grocery shopping, but I knew that if I didn't, this morning would never have a hope in hades of turning out even half way decent. So I went. And now I have healthy things in my cupboard. I was started at the other day about how long it had been since I had fruit. And I like fruit - it's easy, doesn't require much prep work and generally tastes fairly decent when I bite in. I had an apple at Kiki's house. And let me tell ya - that worked liked the flax seed used to work. Wowee. It was so good I wanted to tell people about it. Balance. I need to find some balance. So last night I cooked a roast in the slowcooker - the house smells amazing this morning! I have shredded wheat and orange juice for breakfast, and we're working on finding balance. Ideally I would put up one of those ticker things that tracks how much weight I want to lose; however, the problem with that is that I keep losing it in my code. Did you notice my doll has never changed her clothes? It's not from my lack of trying. But I keep losing the damn code. I'm more of a 'cut and paste' kind of girl. And I mean literally, cut it out with the scissors and glue the frigging thing to something. But I like my flat screen, so glueing anything to it would require cutting off guilty digits involved and ramming them into uncomfortable places. That's the rule around here and I'm included. Without fairness there is anarchy.

Is it just me, or does that seem a bit extreme for a computer monitor?

Nah, I didn't think so either.

Have a great day kids, I'm off to tutor, then skate, then tutor some more.

ms d

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Potor said...

Aww...I can't believe I missed this post for so long!

Thanks :)