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23 February 2006

It's been a really good day. I've helped 3 kids from other countries nail down the etheral sounds of short vowels, the pertinent post of prepositions within a sentence, found a good cirriculum to work with (which is a BIG deal!), got a really nice note from my boss, a good website from MY MOM WHO STILL WRITES IN CAPS some but not as much as she used to, and I think that Smarts called me last night, but I can't verify this one for sure until I give her a call to ask if we talked last night. Oh yeah, and I got a whole bag of clothes from a girl I know - and have I ever mentioned JUST HOW MUCH I LOVE GETTING CLOTHES FROM THIS GIRL???? Because I do. It rocks. She's one of those perpetual shoppers that picks something up, looks at it, buys it and never tries it on. I would dare say that atleast 3 garmets out of every 5 get tossed my way. And why is it that clothes that people give you always seem to be WAAAAY better than the ones you buy in a store??? It's like a shopping holiday because everything is in my size! It's like Christmas from Sally Ann's! 3 Old Navy outfits, a perfect black tee (that I would have found nowhere myself), pants from la senza, skirts, dress pants, a great button up. And out of two dozen articles of clothing, only 3 peices are going into the 'pass it on' pile! Life is good in the clothing department!

Lil Homo and I were talking today - he went for a facial the other day and was complaining about it today (better late than never). "I hate it when they don't do extractions. I mean, really, what's the point of spending all that money on a good facial if they're not going to do extractions? I'll tell you what it is - it's not a good facial, that's what it is." And there I stand with nothing to input because I've never had a facial and thinking, I'm the only one in a skirt and I still manage to be the man of the house. Huh.

You'd better sit down for this part. Ready? I'm working on a paper. IT'S NOT DUE FOR ANOTHER MONTH. Whew. Anyone else get lightheaded???

I should probably try all my clothes on again, since, you know, the paper's not due for another month!

"I've been a very bad girl, but you have to admit I was very, very good at it."

Halle Berry

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Smarts said...

Yup. I called.