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13 February 2006

Nearly Tuesday Already

Save except for the bruise that runs the entire length of my forearm, it's been a particularly good 48 hours. Even the bruise was kind of funny after the initial shock of being in mid air. Kiki is housesitting at what we would consider, a five star resort. Said resort has about 15 beautiful hardwood steps that lead up and down to a breathtaking upper-room den. At about step 7.5, my wool socks are reminded that they are indeed slippery on such surfaces and succinctly, leave the area. In a hurry. Mixed with a flurry. So I bounced from step area 7.5 to the bottom where my feet feel like they can once again safely trod.

This was not a quiet spill. In fact, after each decisive KA-THUMP there were semi-muffled expletives. Not huge ones, more along the lines of 'oh shit' and 'what the hell' - nothing that's actually considered swearing. So I ka-thump to the bottom and am sitting/laying/sprawled out, slightly dazed yet slightly marveled that I didn't break the glass in my hand (my arm and ass are another post), when Kiki yells out from the kitchen (from which you cannot see the staircase).

Kiki: "Did you hear that racket?"

Me: "Yep" (deep breath, trying to clear the stars from my line of vision)

Kiki: "Are the dogs ok? Are they out there with you?"

Me: "Yep" (each one of the four dogs are clammered around, smelling and licking and checking in the best doggy fashion for a human pulse)

Kiki: "I wonder what that was?"

Me: "Me"

Kiki: (quiet for a second, I picture her looking upwards and into the corners of the room, thinking, giving that nod where the corners of your mouth fold down, your eyebrows raise up and you give that side-tilt-head-nod of understanding) "You ok?"

Me: "Not sure just yet"

Kiki: "Bleeding?"

Me: "No I'm good"

Kiki: " 'K. Spicey fries are almost ready"

Me: "Be right there"

Kiki: "take your time. Anything broken?"

Me: "So far so good"

And then we go back to watching Myth Busters. Even now the whole exchange makes me laugh because really, we need our own reality show. I'm still kicking and the bruise isn't that bad... just makes me look like I got one heck of a dirty arm. No worries.

Last week was a bit of a tough week, work wise. A lot of foolishness at the school that I work out of - stupidity, actually. It always leads to interesting conversations when the foolishness of the day have nothing to do with me, but when they migrate towards me. Being approachable and easy to talk to has both its good and bad points. Anyways, the long and short of it was that I talked to my mom (who is a school principal - not mine, but another one) and she's always so good to bounce things off of, and I talked to my boss, and both said that I handled things very well. Sometimes I guess I know deep down that what I did (or didn't do) was the right pitch to take, but sometimes I just need a little encouragement from the coach. My boss also email me today to see if I could fit another kid into my schedule - that they would work around me and whatever I could do. I am excited about my present and even more so about my future. Life is good.

Tonight I was reminded of some pretty spectacular truths. I have a Korean woman that comes faithfully every Wednesday night for, basically, conversation. And we all know that I'm a talker. She came tonight as well because I had to cancel last week due to me being sick. It's funny how things work out because I think out of any night that could have been the best, it would be here and now. Her middle daughter also comes to see me, but was hospitalized because of very low blood. I think that being a mother with a kid in the hospital is probably one of the most frightening things possible. To be a mother with a kid in the hospital in a country that isn't your own and in a language that doesn't come as second nature, well, that takes more courage that I think most could muster in a lifetime. It made me re-evaluate how important some of the choices that I am in the midst of making, or preparing to make, and how something that she said to me in broken english made a whole lot of sense: "Moms are fearless. Atleast on the outside." I gave her a hug and she clung for just a moment. Funny how strangers sometimes offer that strength that you didn't know you needed. Later on in the hour of chatting, she brought out her journal of everything that she hears during the week - sayings, newpaper headings, tv announcements - tonight's jewel was:

"What does 'He's such a tool!' mean?"

God bless ESL and the moments of unexpected bursts of laughter that you are powerless to keep in. God bless my feeble attempts to get through the meaning with as close to a straight face as possible.

CJ and I went to see "The Pink Panther" last night. I had a really good time, but I'm not sure if it was the movie or the company that made it so great. :)

Violet will be a good colour for hair at just about the same time that brunette becomes a good colour for flowers.

Fran Lebowitz

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Kiki said...

I laughed once I knew it wasn't one of the dogs...I knew Ms. D. could handle a fall! I get giddy in situations like that!