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01 February 2006

The Tag & Things in Groups of 4

Having been officially 'tagged' by dear ole Nims, here is my list of 4's...

4 silly things that are a 'must' (if 'musts' are possible):

1) milk goes first, then coffee, because coffee must be piping hot
2) there are two types of spoons in my kitchen drawer - there is a distinct preference for one over the other. If one is not available, I will wash one. I've been particular like this since I was a kid.
3) piano music at bedtime - there is less than a handfull of nights per month where I go to sleep without piano music.
4) a good pair of tweezers.

4 movies I can watch and rewatch and then watch again:

1) Fletch
2) Three Amigos
3) Pirates of the Carribean
4) League of Extroidinary Gentlemen

4 Favourite Books

1) Vinyl Cafe (Stuart MacLean)
2) Morningside World of... (Stuart MacLean)
3) Anything by Robert Ludlum
4) As pathetic as this sounds, I have a compilation of essays which I really enjoy.

4 Places I've lived

1) Northern tip of Vancouver Island - a small town that sat so close to the Pacific that I would get spray on my windows at high tide.
2) St. Andrews, New Brunswick, Canada - a freaky little town where I both attended the school as a student and an instructor. It reminds me of a Stephen King novel because it's a small town of old money and there's only one way in and one way out.
3) Various Float Houses along the northern coast of British Columbia
4) Fredericton, New Brunswick - a lovely capital that has the underpinings of a very small and distrustful little town

4 Places I've Vacationed

1) California
2) Florida
3) Butt-Fuck Nowhere (a common resort when we were children)
4) Ottawa

4 Things I would change about myself if it were even remotely possible:

1) Unrealistic Expectations on myself
2) More realistic expectations on those around me
3) Increased degree of organization
4) Decreased modes of procrastination

4 Places that I would love to go to:

1) a deserted island with only a single room cabin and a fresh water brook running through and two months to spend there
2) ------
3) ------
4) -----

Ok, tagging Paige, Labosseuse, and Potor


Jeni Paij said...

*grins* My list coming soon to a blog near you... :)

Potor said...


Better late than never!