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14 February 2006


I'm waiting for my next kid to come - the one that I want to take home and keep for myself. She'll be a few minutes late, which is ok because there's a consistency there. I stopped on my way over here today and had lunch with my grandfather. He made a big pot of homemade stew with dumplings and then some homemade donuts. We drank tea and he told stories about when he was living in Newfoundland during the war. He just turned 87 in December and he's probably one of the neatest people I know. He's done a lot of living and there are things that he likes and there are things that he doesn't. And he's not afraid to tell you what those are. I came away with a good hug, a full belly, an offer of a mincemeat pie and a bag full of those same homemade donuts that he had whipped up the other day. I took the donuts. Diets be damned - grampie's donuts win hands down.

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