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26 February 2006

Would You, Part Deux

Would you marry someone for $ 1 million if:

a)You didn't have to consummate the marriage
b) it had a specified time limit




Smarts said...

Yes and yes. Would even consider if I had to consumate...

What is up with these questions?

Ms Dare2dv8 said...


this is a moment of clarity where I know, without doubt, that we are related.

I was reading a personal ad of someone that wanted to move into the country

Jen said...

Nope and nope. I would never marry someone without a covenental relationship in mind, which would not include either of those things.


But that's just my religion talking.

Curious Jane said...

Nope. It would be too much like a real marriage.
cynic talking

Smarts said...

And they are offering a million?
Send me the ad.

Bridget said...

No I couldn't do it. It could be ten million and I couldn't do. I'm just too darned romantic, I guess.

Bridget said...

PS if they have that kind of money they don't need to be married to become a citizen, they could get a good immigration lawyer and have their application fast-tracked for a couple of thousand dollars...maybe this is the new scam du jour?

Potor said...

Million bucks, hell yeah.

But the number should go UP for not consummating.

Suz said...

You know, I'd be very, very, VERY skeptical of personals ads like that. You know why? (Being the big conspiracy theorist I am) I happen to know that that's one way terrorists infiltrate the country. I know a girl online who was offered a large sum of money to marry a man from the middle east--he had friends at his house all the time and she couldn't talk to them, he was really weird and possessive, and then in August 2001 he just disappeared (after she turned down the offer).

It's a way to gain citizenship without all the hassle, giving them plenty of freedom that they'd need to plan and carry out an attack.

Jeez, what a wet blanket I am! ;-)

Kiki said...

Potor, we thinkn alike!

Ms Dare2dv8 said...

no no, the ad wasn't offering that money, but I'm just wondering what people would do if they did.


I would need to be approached in person. With a resume. And a letter from him mom.

Kiki said...

Now I wonder why so many letters are missing from my earlier comment?? Odd.