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25 March 2006

Boyfriend In-A-Box

About 8 years ago people were particularly concerned with my single status. I was only 22, but being that I was active in the baptist church, there was always an acute concern with wonderful young women, such as myself, who were not married and living in the middle of the nowhere with no opportunities for meeting potential husbands. I didn't particularly care, not saying there weren't moments where I wished my white knight would swoop in on his large steed, but my congregation was concerned. I was a good girl, therefore I deserved a good man. Plus sex would be legalized and it would be a safe environment for me to lose my virginity.

At the time I had a very good friend who was about 11 years older than I was. She was skeptical about life in general and an attitude of the glass is half empty and the stocks are depleated. She made me laugh and we balanced one another nicely. On my 22nd birthday she got me a present. It was a Boyfriend In-A-Box and I now had all the proper "equipment" to show the worrying world around me that I was now dating "Musical Miles". He was the answer to that age-old question - "Are you seeing anyone?". Yes. Yes I was. His name was Miles and he was perfect.

Inside my new found love were full directions. He came with a 5x7 picture to display proudly on my desk at work. There was a card that said "I was thinking about YOU just the other day... and the day before that... and that one before that and the..." It was signed appropriately with You're the one! Love, Miles. There was a card from flowers that said "I'm sorry, Love Miles". He came with an owner's manual, a warranty, a wallet prompt card to list specific stats when telling people, a full and detailed information card, and 3 pink, inter-office phone messages that said "While You Were Out..." all so lovingly detailed of Miles' calling at various times in the day wondering when I'll be home for dinner, saying he'll see me tonight, and wanting to get together for lunch. He was so caring. He was so perfect. It was if he wasn't real.

And he fit perfectly into a small box about the same size as some nice writing paper.

So as I continue packing to move into PC's, I sort through my "past" and my days with Musical Miles, realizing that life has treated me kindly - both then and now. If nothing else, it's been a great laugh. And it's been all too strange to fabricate.

"Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards."

Soren Aaby Kierkegaard (1813-1855)


Jen said...

Oh my gosh, I laughed so hard. What a great and thoughtful gift!!!

Fenn said...

i love your quote- so true!