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27 March 2006


I'm finally getting my proverbial feet under me. Or at the very least getting close. Freedom from this school term is nearly tangible, and the instant that I am able to touch it, it will disappear only to introduce its successor: intercession. Ah well. One year closer.

It's been a good day - it's Monday. It's the due date for a major project. It's the beginning of a dreadfully packed week. But it's still been a good day. I brought up one of my course marks. I finished a project. I sat in the sunshine. I drank more water than coffee. I had a steak with some broccoli on the side. I finished my day with chocolate. The universe has been more than kind to me. I laughed. I made decisions. I made it through. And tomorrow I meet with my new student that I had mentioned previously. And I'm excited. Perhaps I should finish that statement with an !, but it's so much more than that. It's a process that will be trying sometimes. It's a process that will have magnificent milestones. It's something that, no matter what, will continue to grow the smile on my face. We are beginning the work to lay a solid foundation. So I've gathered up books and lessons and printed pictures with words underneath, and all the while I find myself nervous... a good nervous... a kind that requires the very best from me. Like I said, it's pretty exciting.

PC called me last night and everything important was spoken with an "us". Not a "him", or "you" or "me", but "us". I am in love. By every indication in previous lives, I was absolutely certain that I had been in love before. I was previously left with the idyllic knowledge that I knew what was happening at that particular ball game. I remember people saying that when it was real, I would know, I would know without hesitation or question. That was the part that I had been missing. It's comforting to know that it's not missing now. It's nice to know that he thinks I'm the cat's ass. Because, you know, I am.

I would love to speak a foreign language, but I can't. So I grew hair under my arms instead.

Sue Kolinsky

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Bridget said...

Love is glorious.